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This is DOC: Nilox is back from the future to make Italians fly

The countdown is over. Doc, the electric board by Nilox, is finally available in Italy. After more than 1 year of study, the DOC line-up is ready to fly.

Nilox DOC is incredibly easy to drive and has an outstanding high-performance battery. Just stand on the 6.5¿ wheels of DOC and, after a few minutes, you¿ll be for sure familiar with it. Place one foot at a time on the platform and drive balancing your weight for going left, right, forward or backward. It will be so simple to ¿fly¿ thanks to an engine with a maximum speed of 10 km/h and, thanks to its innovative design, to climb in roads with smooth gradient and drive slight uneven paths. Simply stand on DOC and the weight sensors (placed under the platform) will switch on the two blue led lights on the front for an extraordinary effect during sunset or night.

DOC will revolutionize your movements and outdoor life, it is a real must-have for the next season and one of the most wanted gift of last Christmas all over the world. It is a product designed not only for males but also for women, since it is not necessary a particular strength to drive it. It is better to use the force of your mind: it is easier to get on it and think about the movements instead of trying to ¿tame¿ it. Furthermore, thanks to the engine and the PCB (the on-board computer) installed by Nilox, the drive experience is really unique: the double batteries grant an autonomy up to 2 hours or 15-20 km, depending on the weight and weather conditions, with an average recharge time of 2 hours.

Some selected celebrities of the music and showbiz worlds are testing the first models of Nilox DOC, posting their experience on Facebook, Instagram e Youtube.

DOC 6.5 is available in three different colours (white, black and yellow) with a bag included in the pack. The suggested price is between 499 euros.

DOC electric line-up will be enriched during the year with new models, even more amazing, green and performing.