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Nilox EVO 4K: record the emotion of Christmas in ultra HD

The new top of the range action cam with double battery and lcd screen included in the pack is designed for the ones who love adrenalinic photos and videos

Now available in the shops the latest jewel of the brand, a heap of technology for high definition shootings: Nilox EVO 4K is the perfect gift for all the sportsmen addicted to adrenalin and action.

With Nilox EVO 4K you can record the most exciting moments of your life as in a real movie. Whether it is a parachute launch, an extreme off track, a breath-taking downhill with the mountain bike, or your son that opens the Christmas presents, this action cam is the perfect accessory for not losing even a moment of these unforgettable occasions.

4 different improved video resolutions: 4K Cinema (17:9), 4K (16:9), 2.7K Cinema (17:9), 2.7K (16:9) – for Full HD shooting, 16 MP pictures, WiFi, LCD removable touch screen, an improved free app for a remote control up to 100 mt, are some of the features that make Nilox EVO 4K the best action cam of the brand.

A specific lighter and thinner waterproof case has been designed for the EVO 4K. Included in the pack also some essential accessories to better the experience with the cam: two batteries, a protection for the lens, some adhesive mounts to fix it to the helmet, or to flat surfaces as skis and snowboards. Nilox EVO 4K is compatible with the complete range of Nilox accessories, as the self-time to realize self-shooting and selfies with a cinema quality.

Suggested end-users price: 399.99 euros.