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IFA 2018: Nilox introduces new electric scooters

Three new models, one of them is a prototype in absolute preview, complete the e-mobility product range of the brand which leads the category

Nilox presents at IFA three new electric scooters that, together with hoverboards, electric skates and e-bikes, complete the e-mobility line of the bestselling brand in the e-board market according to GFK.

DOC ECO 2: the light and super compact e-scooter
New design, reduced weight, maximum compactness: these are the main features of Nilox DOC ECO2. With a simple movement, it is possible to refold the scooter, extremely light thanks to the new aluminum frame of only 8.5 kg, designed to bear up to 100
kg of weight. Ecological and light, DOC ECO 2 has an electric motor of 250W which allows to reach a maximum speed of 18 KM/H, making the scooter even more fast.
The driving style is the same as a traditional scooter: once switched on, you just have to push the scooter and get on the platform, for activating the electric motor. The 36 V - 2.6 Ah lithium battery recharges in just two hours with an autonomy of 15 KM. Once arrived at your destination, you can park DOC ECO 2 simply folding up the frame, allowing the scooter to touch the ground.
DOC ECO 2 is available in two colors: Black and White.

NILOX DOC LIGHT: fun for teenagers
DOC LIGHT is the electric scooter designed for the teenagers. Top security and comfort thanks to its soft grips, its large skid proof footboard and the rear brake with an ergonomic design, besides a bright color that makes it clearly visible.
Very easy to use, you just need to push the button G-Sensor on the footboard, able to bear a weight of 50kg, and to give a push to activate it, becoming the ideal adventures buddy for a kid. DOC LIGHT is equipped with an adjustable handlebar, solid tires and kickstand.
Resistant, light and easy to drive, with just two hours of recharging time you can drive it for 6 km, thanks to the 21.6 V - 2 Ah Lithium battery and the electric motor of 150 W you can reach a maximum speed of 12 km/h.
DOC LIGHT is available in yellow color.

Nilox DOC PRO 2: the electric scooter beyond all expectations
Nilox DOC PRO 2, the most advanced electric scooter by Nilox presented at IFA in prototype form, is inspired by the motorcycle world.
Integrating unprecedented equipment, DOC PRO 2 boasts an innovative “motard” look with front and rear suspensions, disc brakes and a trellis frame for a total weight of 16 kg. It allows to reach 25km/h speed thanks to its powerful 250 W motor, with an autonomy of 25km exploiting the 48 V - 5.6 Ah rechargeable in 3 hours.

The 10" tires of purely sporting derivation make DOC PRO 2 the most stable electric scooter in circulation, thanks also to the robust side platforms that allow a" trial style "driving. The equipment is completed with handlebar brakes and a butterfly throttle with which you can adjust the speed through a simple movement of the fingers.

In addition to the new scooters, at IFA you can discover all the electric mobility products of the brand. Five e-bike models designed to meet different mobility needs: Nilox X5, the city e-bike elegant and with a classic design, equipped with Shimano 6-speed gearbox and a 3-speed engine, which allows you to drive in assisted mode up to 55km; X4, with a bolder design, foldable and with fat tires; X1, which perfectly combines the dynamism of a pedal assist system with the comfort of a traditional bike; X2, the foldable with the “street” design; and X3, the electric fat bike with a unique design. But also electric skates and hoverboards, the best seller products, arrived at the new generation DOC2 with a futuristic design inspired by the lines of sports cars incorporating a super-advanced self-balancing technology that makes them even more stable and easy to use.

The soul street of the brand is also featured in a brand new range of backpacks, that this year is even richer. Nilox introduces a "Made in Italy" line with genuine leather details, three new "business", "street" and "everyday" models, all equipped with a pc compartment, and the brand new "bikers" designed for the needs of those who move in bike.