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IFA 2017: Nilox introduces the very first e-bikes of the DOC line

In addition to three models of electric bicycles, there are also two new skateboards and a hoverboard with a unique technology and a renewed design for the brand synonymous with electric mobility

Nilox announces at IFA its entry into the market of electric bicycles with three models designed to meet the different needs of users. The newest e-bikes are completing the DOC line of electrical mobility solutions along with two e-skate models and a new generation of hoverboards, together with DOC hoverboards and e-scooters of the brand that is the leader in e-board sales according to GFK. "When, a few years ago, we decided to enter the electric motors market with DOC hoverboards, we already had in mind the evolution that was completed these days with the e-bikes, having become the number one in each category that we launched. Our e-bikes are a perfect example of sports and technology together in a single product. Our goal is to continue to emerge in Europe, our region of choice. That is why we have opened Nilox Deutschland GmbH, the first company of the Esprinet Group dedicated to the Nilox brand in Germany, and are announcing two important new partnerships in the soccer world that will strengthen the brand awareness Worldwide", commented Michele Bertacco, Nilox Brand Director. Nilox DOC e-bike X2: a street design for the foldable e-bike Compact, comfortable and lightweight, Nilox DOC X2 is the e-bike created to be carried everywhere, even on public transport, thanks to its foldable and easily portable steel frame. With its weight of just 20kg, it is equipped with assisted pedal that can be easily activated by a handlebar control. Thanks to its ergonomic saddle and mudguards, it is perfect for everyday use. It is extremely agile and easy to handle thanks to its 16'' wheels, with a 2-3 hour recharge it allows to ride for 15-25 km at a maximum speed of 25km/h. Nilox DOC e-bike X3: the fat e-bike with an urban style Nilox DOC e-bike X3 is the fat bike with assisted pedal designed to be used anywhere, both in the city and off-road. Super sporty and eco-friendly, the Nilox DOC e-bike X3 is equipped with a 6-speed SHIMANO gearbox and three-speed pedal that can be activated by a handlebar control, which makes pedaling less tiring than with a normal 'fattie'. Its FAT tires with a wider support surface allow an extreme stability on all surfaces, enduring all disconnections on the asphalt, but also the most difficult and slippery grounds, such as mud, sand or snow. Its wheels with a diameter of 20'' make the X3 particularly easy to control and the ergonomic saddle is perfect and comfortable even for the most arduous trails. It allows reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h, with a 45 km autonomy and a recharge time of only 3 hours. Nilox DOC e-bike X1: the model to live the city Nilox DOC X1 is the most essential and feminine model of the range. As the other ones, it features an assisted pedal, foldable frame, 20'' wheels, rear luggage compartment, ergonomic seat, mudguards, quick release battery and USB charging port for smartphones. With a 2-3 hours of recharge, it allows to travel from 15 to 25 km. Nilox DOC CRUISER e LONGBOARD: due new entry nella gamma di e-skate Nilox Thanks to its unique shape, DOC CRUISER is perfect for surfing around the city. A wider board allows a more relaxing riding, and its pointy top, similar to a real surf, is great for carving, giving the feeling of a faster ride compared to a normal skateboard. An old school design and classic style melt with the modernity of the electric engine and the remote control. With the use of one only button on the remote control it allows accelerating, up to 12 km/h, braking or changing direction. Moreover, with a 2 hours complete charge, DOC Cruiser can be used for up to 20 km no stop. Nilox DOC LONGBOARD is the model dedicated to Freeriding lovers. With its unique shape and its longer surface (almost 1 meter), is thought for those skaters who love dancing, boardwalking and freestyling. It is possible to choose the 'Slow mode' for limiting the speed up to maximum 15 km/h, while in 'Speed mode' it can reach up to 30 km/h. Easy to carry thanks to his weight of only 6,5 kg, DOC LONGBOARD can travel up to 20 km with one simple charge. Nilox DOC: new design and self-balancing technology Two years after the launch of the first DOC 6.5, the most popular product on the Italian market today, Nilox presents the new generation of futuristic hoverboards with a design inspired by the lines of sports cars. The new DOC models incorporate a unique and super-advanced self-balancing technology that makes them even more stable and easy to use, thanks to semi-dredged wheels. The new generation of DOC hoverboards is also available with Bluetooth technology in eight colours. The street soul of the brand is also featured in a new range of backpacks, technical fabric and leather details, all equipped with the PC compartment. The Fighter is a sporty backpack that becomes a handy and super-large travel bag, the Business is more elegant and ideal in the metropolitan context, the Everyday model is the most essential and suitable for everyday life. Finally, Nilox presents at IFA its renewed logo. More essential, elegant, with the new Nilox version abandons the squared lines and the capital letters, for a more rounded and blunt font, in line with the new brand positioning in the urban universe with its products of electric mobility.