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DOC AIR: the lightest and most versatile electric scooter from Nilox

Removable battery, electric brake on the handlebar and three different speeds

Nilox introduces DOC AIR, the new electric scooter to add to its electric mobility line, which can now count three scooters, four hoverboards and two skateboards. DOC AIR is designed for those looking for a nifty and eco-friendly way to move around, and enjoy, the urban world. With a daily cost of just a few cents you can get anywhere in the city. And just 2-3 hours recharge time gives you a coverage of 15 to 25 km, with a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h. DOC AIR is high technology concentrated into a linear and compact design. Weighing just 10 kilos, it is equipped with a butterfly throttle on the handlebar, and a multi-purpose button which lets you select three different speeds. Once switched on, the scooter is automatically set in the SAFE mode, indicated by a green LED on the multi-purpose button. A light touch of the button takes you into REGULAR mode and the LED turns blue. To get more ¿gas¿, another touch gives you FAST mode and the LED turns yellow. In addition, if you stay at the same speed for at least 6 seconds, DOC AIR will automatically go into CRUISE CONTROL mode, which enables you to travel at a constant speed even when the accelerator is released. DOC AIR is equipped with an electric brake on the handlebar in addition to the one on the rear wheel, and a removable battery that can be quickly substituted to avoid it running down. The LED on the multi-purpose button works as a warning light, turning red if there is a problem with the scooter or flashing to indicate a low battery level. DOC AIR can be folded and stored anywhere and thanks to its two clever little wheels can easily be carried as a trolley when not in use.