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Nilox: join the DOC revolution at IFA 2016

With electric scooters, electric skates and the new hoverboard model by Nilox urban mobility won¿t be the same anymore

Nilox announces the DOC line, an entire range of electric mobility solutions that will revolutionize the way of getting around the city. The electric scooters DOC PRO, DOC PRO Yellow Edition and the top-of-the-range DOC Fighter, the electric skateboards DOC SKATE and DOC SKATE+, the new hoverboard DOC OFF-ROAD are the new arrivals presented with a first preview at the Berlin fair.

Nilox DOC PRO: electric scooters that completely change the movement concept
DOC PRO is the electric scooter for green and super fun mobility. Acceleration is very simple: thanks to the butterfly throttle on the handlebar it is possible to control speed with a simple finger movement, reaching a maximum speed of 6KM/H recommended for urban environments and, by disabling the speed limiter, up to 20KM/H for riding in cycle lanes and streets. The electric motor of 300W grants an autonomy of 20KM in optimal conditions with 2 hours of recharge.
The range of Nilox electric scooters will be enhanced during the year with another two models, shown at IFA for the first time.
Nilox DOC Fighter, top of the range with an Italian design studied in every detail, and high-quality premium materials. The carbon body makes it the lightest (7/8KG) and fastest (up to 35 KM/H), with a battery that reaches an autonomy of 30/40 KM. Front and rear lights and Bluetooth connection complete the features of this desirable item.
Like the DOC Fighter, Nilox DOC PRO Yellow Edition integrates a new braking and accelerating system, and a front wheel with open spokes which allows it to be secured with an antitheft system. Its bright yellow body ensures you won¿t go unnoticed.

Nilox DOC SKATE: the skateboard to ride the electric wave
A remote control and Nilox technology are all that¿s needed to transform a board into a skate able to fly at 12 KM/H. With 2.5 hours of recharge you can ride DOC SKATE for 25 KM. Stable and easy to carry thanks to the integrated handle in the platform, DOC Skate is available in two colours ¿ wood/blue and wood/black ¿ and in the version all-back Bluetooth, DOC SKATE+.

Nilox DOC OFF-ROAD: the ¿no limits¿ hoverboard
Nilox also introduces a new hoverboard model, designed for ¿off road¿ lovers. It allows greater stability and ease of driving, thanks to a 10¿ wheel also suitable for more uneven terrain. DOC OFF-ROAD weighs 11.5 kg with 20 KM of autonomy using the maximum speed (10KM/H) and 2 hours of recharge. It is available in the colour black/green and in the version black/gold, DOC OFF-ROAD+.