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Call, find and simplify: Nilox bodyguard

Now available in shops: the first security device in the world that helps you take care of the things you love most

An endless, crowded beach in August, a mother absorbed in a chat with her beach companion, a child playing hide-and-seek who goes out of sight. A shiny new motorbike parked in a dark street at night. A grandmother playing cards with her friends who doesn't hear her son's phone call. All these situations need no longer be a worry but can be easily managed thanks to bodyguard, the first wearable security device in the world.

Nilox bodyguard is designed to be a constant presence with our most valued possessions and the people that most need our help (like children or the elderly)

Innovated and created entirely in Italy, bodyguard is a very simple phone, which works with just two buttons. The button on the side switches the device on and off, lets you access your contact list and end phone calls; the Y symbol button allows you to make and receive calls and, by holding it for a few seconds, make emergency calls to some selected numbers. An extraordinarily high battery level, lasting up to 4 days, means you are not continually worrying about recharging.

All the settings can be managed through a dedicated app available for Android and iOS, which allows you to link a smartphone (for example of a parent or motorbike owner) to bodyguard. The Find function activates the tracking to locate bodyguard potentially anywhere outdoors through a gps and agprs system, and also has good tracking capabilities inside large buildings. On a map on the smartphone a Y symbol will indicate the device's position and allow you to calculate the distance, on foot or by car. With the app, you can also set up a Security Area (i.e. highlighting the zone around a house, a school or an office) to receive an alert if bodyguard enters or leaves the area, and to activate an automatic reply after 3 unanswered rings.

Nilox bodyguard is available in three different colours (black, lime and purple) at a suggested price of 149.50 euros.